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A midwife can be described as being ‘with woman’

The midwife is a professional who has undertaken training to assist and work in partnership with women to provide support, care and advice during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

According to the World Health Organisation:

"Midwifery encompasses care of women during pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period, as well as care of the newborn. The Midwife appears to be the most appropriate and cost-effective type of health care provider to be assigned to the care of normal pregnancy and normal birth, including risk assessment and the recognition of complications"


In Australia, midwives are employed by hospitals to provide pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care, in collaboration with obstetric doctors.

Eligible Midwives

Eligible midwives have undertaken a further program of study and are able to order tests (such as blood tests and ultrasounds) and prescribe certain medications (relevant to pregnancy).

Eligible midwives work in collaboration with an obstetric doctor.

River Midwifery Group

River Midwifery Group midwives are based at Bridge Clinic and it is planned women will see both doctors and midwives during pregnancy, usually alternating.

River Midwifery Group midwives will offer antenatal and postnatal care, including some home visits postnatally, to ensure maximum support when you need it.

We encourage and support early discharge from hospital when it is safe and appropriate.

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Consulting Rooms:
Bridge Clinic
8 Standen Street
Murray Bridge SA 5253
Wednesday to Friday
Home Visits:
7 days per week
By Appointment
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