Meet the Midwives

Vanessa Drummond

midiwife vanessa Vanessa witnessed her first labour and birth while a Registered Nurse in remote Western Australia. From that moment she knew that midwifery would be the direction her career would take. After graduating as a Midwife in 2000, Vanessa’s first job as a Midwife was at Alice Springs Hospital where she was surrounded by very experienced talented midwives, and learnt that good midwifery care can have enormous benefits for women and babies. It was here that she discovered the importance of continuity of midwifery care – even for ‘high risk’ pregnancies – and became committed to finding a way for all women to access this.

Vanessa and her family returned to South Australia in 2005. Since then, Vanessa has worked in the Women’s Assessment Unit at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and at Murray Bridge Hospital as both a Midwife and as the Level 2 (ACSC) Midwife. In February 2014 she was endorsed and notated as a Medicare Eligible Midwife and commenced work in private practice.

Vanessa believes the role of a midwife is to give and share information; to help women to discover their own power; and to respect the rights of a woman and her family to determine their own care. She is passionate about supporting women, babies and families throughout their entire pregnancy and new parenting journey.

Sophie Eldridge

midiwife sophie I have been a midwife since 1996, and in that time I have worked in the public sector caring for women and their families in the antenatal, birthing and postnatal areas. I am now an eligible midwife that can provide personalised antenatal and postnatal care to women.

My philosophy of the midwife is ’being with women and providing care, support and advice during pregnancy’; to respect women, their beliefs, values and choices and to recognise every women’s responsibility to make informed decisions for herself, her baby and her family.

My passion is to provide personalised midwifery care to women throughout her pregnancy.

Kate Greenlees

midiwife kate Being a midwife is an amazing privilege. It is about accepting women and walking with them along a path which can be overwhelming, challenging, complicated, and joyous. Every day is different, and every woman is different.

Kate believes every woman should have quality midwifery care – whether she is labouring without drugs, or choosing a caesarean. Whatever the situation, good midwifery care can improve outcomes for woman, partner and baby.

Kate sees her role as offering comprehensive pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, providing women with evidence-based information, helping women sift through it all, and supporting women’s choices (within the limits of safety). She considers herself fortunate to be able to care for women at such a pivotal time in their lives

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Consulting Rooms:
Bridge Clinic
8 Standen Street
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Wednesday to Friday
Home Visits:
7 days per week
By Appointment
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